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Financial Gap Analysis 2008

In order to establish the financial needs of the National Programmes for HIV, tuberculosis and malaria, to map the financial resources that are available to meet this need and to identify the financial gaps in coverage, the Three Diseases Fund conducted a gap analysis in April 2008.

The study concludes that investment in the national responses to HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria in Burma/Myanmar continues to fall considerably short of what is required to implement the levels of service necessary to impact the spread of the epidemics as put forward in the National Operational Plans.
Based on upon known commitments, estimates of the actual funding gap for the three diseases for the period of the operational plans (2006–2009) up to 2010 are US$ 237 million.

However, there is no comprehensive system of financial information available which consolidates the overall financial activities involved in the implementation of the disease responses and from which the 3DF can draw the financial information required for decision making in resource allocation.

A strong, comprehensive system of financial management is required to deliver accurate, evidence based financial information that is necessary for the purposes of economic analysis.

The full report is available here along with a short version.